Sunday, August 3, 2008

Making noise

Early Saturday morning, an unsigned manifesto/letter was posted on the doors of faculty rooms. It criticized the members of the UFESLU board of directors who are at the same time members or part of the administration because they are either department heads or graduate program coordinators. This is the reason, according to the manifesto/letter, why they were not able to solve existing problems the faculty members and employees are facing right now. Unforunately, it was taken down before others were able to read it.
The kris at kalasag welcomes such act. It is supportive of undertakings that serve as constructive criticisms to the current UFESLU administration. However, it would like to give some unsolicited advise to the writer/s of the manifesto:
1. Please do not remain anonymous because doing so may only affect the credibility of your manifesto/letter. You will not lose your job because of it because the union does not have the power to fire you.
2. Do not stop with only one letter. Follow it up with others. If you need to use this blogsite to spread your message you are welcome to it.
3. Do not be afraid of the repercussions that your manifesto may bring. Of course, some people do not want to hear the truth; they do not want to be exposed. But the faculty members and employees need people like you. Go for it!!!
You have the support of the kris at kalasag. Please have the manifesto reposted or distributed because the others were not able to read it. Hope to hear from you again soon.