Tuesday, October 7, 2008


This is a rejoinder (agreement) to the article written by Mr. Jason Moldero on the immorality issues in SLU. SLU wants us to be morally upright but some of its top leaders are not moral. It's a case of "do as I say but do not do as I do."

Why does SLU want the employees to hold standards that SLU managers are exempt from? I was a witness to a colleague who was asked to admit her mistake to Father Hechanova just so she will not be meted a penalty. But have the Managers of SLU admitted any of their mistakes? NONE!!!

The other examples of unpunished immorality of SLU Managers have been fully discussed by Mr. Moldero.

Let's stop this hypocrisy of SLU Managers!

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Napapansin po ba natin na matinding ipinagbabawal ng SLU Administration ang paglalabas ng mga kritismo laban sa kanila? Mas nakaka alarma na tila nakikiisa ang UFESLU sa pagbawal ng paglalabas ng mga kritisismo laban sa SLU Administration. Ang mga eto ay lantarang paglabag sa "freedom of speech" na nakasulat sa ating Saligang Batas.
Ano po ba ang "freedom of speech?"
Freedom of speech and of the press does not mean only approving existing political beliefs or economic arrangements, lending support to official measures, and taking refuge in the existing climate of opinion on any matter of public consequence.When weakened, the right becomes meaningless.The right belongs also to those who question, who do not conform, who differ.The ideas that may be expressed under this freedom are confined not only to those that are conventional or acceptable to the majority. To be truly meaningful, freedom of speech and of the press should allow and even encourage the articulation of the revolutionary view, though it be hostile to or derided by others; or though such view “induces a condition of unrest, creates dissatisfaction with conditions as they are, or even stirs people to anger. To paraphrase Justice Holmes, it is freedom for the thought that we hate, no less than for the thought that agrees with us.
So sana hwag tayong matakot ilantad ang mga katiwalian ng SLU Administration. - by Kota -