Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I completely agree that SLU is now 100 years old...

Just look at these facts:

1. Accounting Practice which is 100 years old...

The Accounting Office continues to practice an accounting procedure which is perhaps 100 years old! Imagine, it refuses to change its accounting practice to serve the greater interest of the employees by deducting as early as January the correct taxes so that come December, they will receive their 13th month pay in full.

2. 100 year-old management principles

We are a witness to the seeming ignorance of our managers.

A President, who is a businessman-priest, merely delivers empty promises during his speeches. He only enjoys travelling aroung the country and abroad for management planning kuno! He is known for coming up with illogical projects like the impractical Bakakeng Campus and the failed international medicine. His only "successful" project is a "tennis court." So maybe he should instead go into making tennis courts around the country.

A vice-President, who earned a doctoral degree but thinks and decides like an elementary or a high school student leader.He continues to occupy his office but does nothing important.

A vice-president who has a law degree but thinks like a LAW STUDENT. He passed the bar alright but he decides against legal precedents. Maybe, he should return to law school.

A vice-president, who has an accounting degree but is ignorant of new accounting principles. She is, however, interested in making herself richer by the day. She perhaps even owns a house in the UNited States.

Deans, who are holders of doctoral or master's degrees but is ignorant about managing their subordinates. They even make their offices inaccessible to people.

Our HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT OFFICE which does nothing to DEVELOP the HUMAN RESOURCES or persons inside SLU. All it is concerned about is keeping many employees contractual or part-time. It even enjoys terminating the services of employees. It's name should not be HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT. It should be changed into RECRUITMENT AND TERMINATION OFFICE (RATO).

3. 100 year old facilities

Imagine, our managers could afford to go "pasyal" around the country and spend millions yet the facilities in SLU remain unimproved!

4. No concern for the employees

The CICM celebrated its 100 years but SLU employees get nothing! All the SLU Administration could affort to give us is a T-SHIRT! Eh kaya naman ng SLU na magbigay sana ng CENTENNIAL BONUS... Saan naman napupunta ang pera ng SLU, sa BELGIUM?

The employees are complaining...Instead of solving the problem,HECHANOVA could only answer, "Kung ayaw ninyo sa SLU eh magresign na kayo." Ganyan ba talaga ang dapat AMA ng TAHANANG SLU?

Haay SLU! Just like during the Spanish times.. The friars or priests then and now are only concerned about becoming rich.

To borrow the words of Senator Mar Roxas, "Putang ina ninyong lahat na managers ng SLU!"