Sunday, September 28, 2008

Of Morality and Immorality

The time has come for me say a few things about morality and immorality in SLU. With the many speculations, dismay of some and judgment of others on my character and reputation, I chose to be silent for the last 8 months since my illegal termination last November 2007. With so much throbbing, every time I hear from a colleague in the University make false insinuations and thoughts about me, there was no day that I have not planned to give a response to the baseless, libelous and character assassination made against me by some employees. I chose to be silent not because I am afraid with the SLU admin but because I respect the principle of subjudice on my case which is now with the NLRC. The merits of my case are now within the hands of NLRC. As of the moment, I would not want to pre-empt any comment that would jeopardize my arguments in the NLRC. But one thing is for sure, I will not waiver nor succumbed to any offer of SLU admin on my case even if it means going up to the Supreme Court. Let my case be a glaring example of viciousness and utter display of cruel, evil and arrogant power of SLU admin to terminate an employee without just and reasonable cause. Let my case also be a classic example of the kind of fairness and brutality the SLU extends to her employees.

This open letter to the SLU community aims to expose what every single employee in SLU already knows. I was terminated by SLU because of the supposed immorality acts I have committed with the “supposed” sexual harassment I made to a Mongolian CICM foreign student. My answers to all these allegations are now with the NLRC for their perusal. I will give comprehensive information on my case on a separate letter soon. The irony on my termination is actually the fact that I was dismissed because of committing immorality. Believe it or not, the SLU admin thinks that getting rid of me makes them a moral force of goodness and propriety. They thought that what they have done against me was the right thing to do to an employee who had committed immorality acts. SLU admin believes that they are cloth with purity and with totally unstained ground. The SLU admin always project themselves as moral entrepreneurs in the University that every act they make carries with it the seal of God.

In my almost 8 years of employment with SLU, I have witnessed the pervasive illicit affairs of married faculty members and employees with their students and forbidden affairs of some admin officers to their employees and students. But how many employee/s or officers were penalized or reprimanded? I bet you know the answer. How many have seen a CICM priest who celebrate mass in the SLU chapel and a former SLU employee boastfully roaming around the city and seemingly happy being together? I bet you know this priest. One ranking SLU admin who “fathered” a child outside his marriage?- I guess you also know this person. More recently, a member of the SLU admin who was recently convicted by the RTC for harassment still got promoted? I still bet you also know this admin member.

With the many sexual harassment cases against employees with different ranges of gravity on the acts committed, I was the only employee in the history of all the many and endless labor cases of SLU, who was dismissed from employment. This is because I was never attuned to their oppressive ways and acts for I have consistently criticized the unchristian ways of the SLU admin. With the baseless allegations against me, the SLU admin could have easily thrown away the complaint against me since they know very well that the complaint was fabricated and push through by no less than my former department head who was hurt after I filed a case of malversation funds on the fund raising activity we had in our department. From day one, after they handed me the letter of complaint, I knew that the SLU administration was fully behind it (with my former department head leading every bit of the way) and was very determined in pinning me down. (My complaint by the way to my department head was NEVER even given an answer from no less than the SLU President While a complaint completely devoid of any truthfulness against me initiated by my department head became the reason for my dismissal). In a patented exercise of tyrannical acts, the SLU President terminated me without a single regard to my answers on the complaint and without a Christian consideration of the economic and financial consequences of his decision against my work and profession. What is even more painful was the fact that the concocted stories made by the Mongolian student were absolutely taken as the gospel truths by the members of the committee and the SLU administration. I am an assistant professor of the University from the time of my illegal dismissal who strived on my own to finished my Masteral degree and have proudly represented not only the school but the entire country for the American Summer Studies Institute in the U.S. and had numerously directed and written several plays staged in the CCA and Baguio and one who humbly tried to build my name and honor in my almost eight years in SLU, however, none of these “contributions and dedication “ were even appreciated to the prejudiced of my character and reputation in this case. They disposed of me so easily as if I am an evil person who had committed the most sinful act.

But then again, I am neither their ally nor their close associate who blindly tag along their capricious whims and interest. Maybe if I am an obedient follower, my fate in SLU would have been different. This is the present situation today in SLU. A lot of unequal application of justice: Those who foolishly follow them will go unharmed but those who remains a thorn is booted out.

So what morality are we talking in SLU?---there is none. Only fools and idiots buy the idea that SLU admin is out there to proclaim their new found moral ascendancy among its employees and students. They are as rotten and deceitful in many ways. The only consolation we can have is the fact that we do not pretend to be moral entrepreneurs because we know that we cannot also be one. But with the SLU admin, everything is possible-even sacrificing the employment of one just to meet their self-aggrandizing purpose. I challenged now the SLU President if indeed he believes that he can be a moral force in the University to clean up first his own backyard before he can pursue any serious and meaningful reforms on cases of sexual harassments and immorality in the University.

Just in case the SLU Administration will also file a case against you, don’t beg to them for mercy and compassion because you can never expect one. They are the meanest and most hypocritical creatures. Do not allow them to intimidate or buy you just because they have millions of pesos allotted specifically for their labor cases. They are as ruthless as the beast, very hungry to exercise their powers and very conceited in pursuing their perceived oppositionist by terminating them so that their capricious whims and interests shall always be kept to their side. With the many labor cases filed against SLU, just always be on guard and be vigilant because it happens so quickly how you can be their next target.

Jayson Moldero